Jimmy Stokes, II.

Jimmy Stokes, II. is currently the City Planning Commissioner (Ward 5), Pastor (Northeast Side Church of Christ, Bartlett, TN.), graduate of Whitehaven High School in Memphis, TN, graduate of Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, TX, devoted husband and father, and a Community Influencer.

“I’m excited to run for the office of mayor in the beautiful city of Horn Lake,
so that I can be the leader of inspiration our city needs. Horn Lake has
grown tremendously over the years, as well as other cities in Desoto County.
However, the leadership of Horn Lake doesn’t reflect, relate nor
communicate to the present concerns of the community of Horn Lake.

I’m ready to lead this city by bringing out the potential that’s already here but un-utilized. I’m looking forward to inspiring, “A New Horn Lake” through diversity, transparency, community engagement and mentorship. I’m ready to be a mayor for all citizens and build the next generation of young leaders that will continue to progress for years to come.”

“A leadership that doesn’t reflect its citizens, can’t unite nor comprehend
the concerns of the community it serves.”